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Serv24 GPS Solutions

Combine GPS Information with your Business Software

The Serv24 GPS application allows to connect GPS functions to other corporate software systems. Thus you can retrieve geographic information of vehicles, employees or of sent parcels. If you desire an even more detailed data analysis, it is possible to extend the user interface of Serv24 GPS application according to individual requirements.

Flow and Control of Information

Serv24 GPS solutions go beyond evaluating geographical information from the server. You have the possibility to define  which information is to be procured from which source. Serv24 GPS also can access information from company databases. No need worry about complexity of connecting different systems and applications together, because Serv24 GPS reduces the integration effort automatically.

Serv24 GmbH is an international operating software- and system engineering company with a clear focus on development of comprehensive solutions for the transmission and the processing in real time of voice, video and data. From the conception over the development to the maintenance we build turnkey solutions that lead our customers to their success.


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