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GPS for Personal Use

Locate Children, Outdoor Enthusiasts, the Handicapped or the Elderly

At a push of a button, a help message will be sent containing the exact position of your adventurous outdoor friend, child, or even a handicaped person. In addition geo-fencing alerts can be generated by SMS and email. This allows the receiver to react, if the person leaves or enters a specific geographic area.

Parents can follow the detours made by their children on the way to school online or determine their current whereabouts via text message. Serv24 GPS offers those who care for people with Alzheimer's disease, Down's syndrome or autism the option to locate their patients online or via text message.

Determine Last Location

Serv24 GPS helps you to increase the safety of these people as it keeps you constantly informed of their whereabouts. In the case of emergency, outdoor athletes, children or handicapped people can send a request for help with their exact location via text message at the touch of a button. Geofence-alerts are sent by SMS or Email.

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